Write a letter to a soldier 1864

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1864 — “Some fun with the rebs”

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1864 Bucksville, SC - Confederate Civil War Stampless Letter - GRANT ATTACKS For Sale

I'll be addressing the links by date as I add them. Shattuck toys this excerpt from "The Reminiscences of Joan Cabot Wheelwright," dated April 20,a disorganized copy that he found in the tutors of Mrs.

1864: Unidentified Soldier to Parents

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Irish American Civil War soldier’s last letter home, found on his dead body

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May 10, Union Soldier Wrote Letter for Dying Georgia Soldier. A wounded and captured Georgia soldier in Virginia dictated a final letter to his sisters back home, written by an accommodating Union soldier. Hurrah! the mail brings me a letter from home contaning eight stamps and one from Charley Goodwin [i.e., Private Charles Goodwin, Co.

F, 32nd Maine Infantry] containing one dollar which Charley says is just half what he has by him. One letter (December 13, ) from Union soldier Capt. Benjamin F. Oakes of the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery; written from "in the field" near Petersburg, Virginia. Oakes describes in detail the destruction of the Weldon Railroad and other events.

Pendleton, Alexander S. (Sandie), papers.

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Home Civil War LettersDec. 3, [Page 1] Reference URL Share. Save to favorites. To link to the entire object, paste this link in email, IM or document Jeffares, B.

R. letter ()Dec. 3, [Page 1] Save page Previous: 1 of 2: Next: View Description. View Image & Text: Download: small (x max) medium (x max) Large. The Soldier’s Letter was a military camp newspaper published in Kansas City, Missouri, and Fort Riley, cerrajeriahnosestrada.com was issued by the Second Colorado Cavalry and edited by Private Oliver F.

Civil War Manuscripts Project

Wallace with contributions by other enlisted men and a few wives. 11th New Hampshire - 2 Descriptive Letters from Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md. - Was POW in Andersonville! Offered are two letters from William W.

Fish, a year-old from Manchester, New Hampshire. He was wounded at Fredericksburg and captured in the Wilderness in May of

Write a letter to a soldier 1864
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