Letter to clergymen by martin luther

The White Moderate: The Greatest Threat to Freedom

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Letter from Birmingham Jail

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Martin Luther King Quotes

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History of Christianity

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Every year on Martin Luther King Day, I’m reminded of these words, from Letter from a Birmingham Jail. I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate.

Martin Luther King, Jr. rarely had time to answer his critics. But on April 16,he was confined to the Birmingham jail, serving a sentence for.

Martin Luther King Junior opposes and addresses himself in the letter to persons promoting the views of the white clergy. The letter stated that only the use of non-violent actions could help achieve the true civil rights for all members of society.

Learn how The Eight White Clergymen played a key role in the context of Letter from Birmingham Jail. Read a biography and get in-depth analysis.

The Eight White Clergymen in Letter from Birmingham Jail. BACK; NEXT ; Basic Information. To come out in public supporting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the most visible morally powerful leader. Martin Luther King was an American clergyman and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. One of the leading figures in the civil rights movement, he has had a defining influence on the recent history of.

Letter to clergymen by martin luther
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Letter to Martin Luther King | Teaching American History