Ambidextrous child writing a letter

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How to Teach an Ambidextrous Child to Write

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How to Teach an Ambidextrous Child to Write

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Be sure to give the writer lots of encouragment and other during this difficult period. Cindy is the establishment of the occupational therapy blog My Kids OT.

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Half are a few places you can draw coming soon, please post again:. The facility for mirror writing may remain latent, however, as revealed in the mirror‐written letter produced just 4 days after the individual realised that she could mirror write (fig 1 1).

17 Normal people, 24,26 as well as some patients with acquired mirror writing, 27,28 have sometimes commented on the surprising ease with which they can mirror write, and. Some teachers have found it helpful to let the left-handed child start writing, or practice writing, on a chalkboard mounted on the wall (or on the ground, using a stick in soft, smooth soil).

This allows the child to move the entire arm freely, keep the wrist straight, Handwriting Letter Guides. If you do find that your child is left-handed, a great resource for left-handed letter formation is available from In the few instances when there is cause for concern, you can always talk with your child’s teacher and doctor to get their opinion.

Is it ok if my child is ambidextrous? Does it matter if they use both hands to hold the pencil when writing? Does it matter if they use their left hand for some things and their right hand for others?

Regardless of whether your child is left handed or right handed, kids in the preschool years should be focusing mostly on fine motor play as opposed to actually using a pencil and writing letters. The only way to reinforce writing letters and words from left to right is by practice.

Because they are left hand dominant, it does not feel natural to them to write from left .

Ambidextrous child writing a letter
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